Jain Death Rites

Jain cremation ceremony is very simple and short. This is the order of the Rites:

  • Dressing the body:
    • Avoid natural flowers
    • Use sandalwood mala (Garland)
  • Near the deceased casket
    • Place swastika
    • On top of swastika: put a whole coconut, divo, and agarbatti
  • Recite stavans and bhajans for about one hour
  • Eulogy from family and friends
  • Final view by visitors
  • Family members get together by the casket and apply:
    • Water and rice three times on the body
    • Sandalwood powder on the body
    • Ghee on forehead, hands, and feet
  • At the end of the ceremony, guests chant navkar mantra, and put:
    • andalwood mala on body
    • Piece of gold in the mouth
    • A pearl in the right eye
  • The casket is then closed