Montrose Cemetery & Crematorium

Visitation (Chapel) and Crematorium are in the same place.

Note: Prices may change without notice!!

This is only a Cemetery & Crematory. Funeral Home must be hired to transport the deceased and obtain all permits.


  • $290 for Cremation from Monday – Saturday
  • To witness the cremation & use the chapel: $700 Monday – Friday, $900 – Saturday
  • Call for price for Sunday & Holidays
  • Call for price to sell cremains lots & niches. Prices vary depending upon the location.

Visit our website:

  • 5400 N Pulaski Rd.
  • Chicago, Illinois-60630, USA

Please contact only the serving person listed

Serviced by:

David Hill

  • President
  • Phone: (773) 478-5400
  • E-mail:


  • 100 People Seating

Basic Cremation Casket is Included in the Asian Cremation USA Package.

  • Chapel for 1 hour included.
  • Additional facilities like Kitchen or Extra room is NOT available.
  • Facility DOES NOT help for “Preparation of the Deceased Body” (Washing & Dressing) Prior to Visitation and/or Pooja Ceremony
  • Morgue is available to preserve the deceased body until the cremation.
  • Partition glass available on furnace for viewing of cremation.
  • Chapel is heated during winters but, no “Air Conditioning” during summer.
  • Complimentary Podium included in the package.
  • The facility DOES NOT provide Audio/visual system, TV monitor/slide projector or CD/DVD player.
  • There is parking facility for 100 cars along the roads within the facility. There is NO Valet parking available.
  • Additional off-site car parking is NOT available.
  • Registration book/Electronic registration book are NOT included in package.
  • Preservation of remains (packed in container/urn) is available & is complimentary.

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